Good Morning Everyone

If you love to dance, love Rock and Roll Music, and live in New York this is for YOU.

While I am sitting here massaging my feet, I want to share my new discovery. Living in New York as long as I do I can’t believe I have just found out about SOCK HOP SUNDAYS!


When we arrived around 9 pm, I went with my friend Pat, the place was crowded and jumping. Jumping with men and women dancing. Another surprise was – which is  a rarity in New York City – there were more men than women. Age didn’t matter either – from young to old, to older, to real old everybody was happy to be there. Partners were changed often and it felt like the joy of dancing was the reason for being here.

Not wanting to keep you in suspense any longer here are the details – SOCK HOP SUNDAYS takes place at the Iguana Café on 240 West 54th Street (yes, in the heart of Manhattan) for all other information go to http://www.sockhopsundays.com

No, I am not on their payroll to advertise, but having had such a fun and unusual experience I can’t help but share. And should you be worried that it is a pick up place, like my friend Pat had feared, believe me it is not. – It’s really about the joy of dancing – and we danced all the way home.

Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything


YOUR THOUGHTS – If you know of any other places, here in New York or elsewhere in the country, please share here on my Blog. Thank You so much!




Good Morning Everyone

Hopefully the sun shines as brightly where you are as it does in New York today.

I went to the movies last night and want to share the experience with everybody who feels lonely sometimes or can’t find a purpose in  life.

The Meddler with Susan Saradon approaches – and solves  –  challenges we face when we lose a loved one, are retired, or the kids have moved on. It is humorous, yet serious in solving the challenges faced with. But above all it is inspiring! It gives hope!

And walking home – no I don’t want to give away the ending – I wished that every lonely woman will find her chicken coop.

Never forget – A  smile changes everything



Hello Everyone!

Have you started to make the switch from winter to summer in your wardrobe?

I have just started….. and I have to admit that I hate everything I see. Why? Maybe because the warm sunshine, the budding trees and flowers give me the feeling of wanting a new beginning, a new start. But looking at my clothes they don’t match my longing for a new look. Instead they make me feel like I am left over….left over from when? That depends on how many seasons I have switched an item back and forth.

There is a chapter in my book  LET GO OF THE CLOTHES YOU  DON’T WEAR ANYMORE  (please believe me I do take my own advice) but this year seeing all the beautiful, bright-colored clothes, including bags and shoes which come in orange, turquoise, yellow and  any shade of pink,  I think I have to read that chapter again and let go of even  more things than I did during my last clean out.

Some of you might say that your clothes are like old friends and maybe they feel that way, but look again – even friends can out-stay their welcome. A few splashes of color will lift your spirits – replace the beige ( we all have plenty of it in our wardrobe) with a bright blue or fuchsia or any other color of the rainbow out there.

IMG_3194 (1)
Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo

The other day I saw this pair of shoes in the window of the  Ferragamo store on Fifth Avenue – wonderful aren’t they? But even if you don’t want to be that extravagant it certainly drives home the message that bright and cheerful is the way to go this summer!

Never forget – a smile changes everything








REGRETS – keep them out of your life!

Regrets, regrets – who doesn’t have any? Maybe some people don’t. I call them  the lucky ones, but most of us do regret this or that. The worst kind of course is the self-made kind – the kind we could have avoided.

Well, let me tell you about the time I really screwed up. I missed something I can never get back and the worst is, it was my doing. Mine alone. I say  it was my doing because I when first heard of it I was all fired up to follow my desires and enthusiasm, but then the little devil in my mind (we all of one of those) started talking to me and said:

  • it is not a reasonable thing to do (being too reasonable can spoil a lot of fun)
  • the time for preparation is too short (I had a week – it would have been enough)
  • maybe you won’t  get a ticket (I could have gotten one through a friend)
  • will all that money be worth it (I wanted nothing more than to be there)
  • what will your family and friends say (what can they say – it’s my time, my money, and they are not me)

Yes, the little devil in my head had won. He had talked me out of going to Cairo to listen to YANNI’s concerts which was performed in front of the Pyramids last November.

Embedded image permalink

Instead here I was sitting in Morristown, New Jersey  last week, listening to YANNI  in a small, rather stuffy theater. His music was beautiful as always, but  all I could think of was where are the pyramids? How could I have missed a magical moment under a star lit sky, listening to YANNI’s music and seeing the pyramids in the background?

The little devil has had a lot of trouble with me since then and the minute he starts to moves around in my mind, my new protection, my buzzword, stops him in his tracks – what is my buzzword?  Morristown!

During his concert YANNI shared a story about his father and the advice he had given him during their walks in the Greek mountains when he a child. He had told him:

“Never forget today is today. The future will also be today, and tomorrow will be today, and if you don’t know how to live today, you have never lived!”

Maybe it will help you to find a buzzword too?

And never forget – a smile changes everything!






……will eventually get you there.

As an Indie author I have a rule – I must to sell a book a day – to whom? Anybody who will buy. I recently got a note from our doorman who had bought a book for his mother. He sent me the following message – Thank you so much for the book! My mother is enjoying it a lot since it fits her personality! Wish you great success!

Of course I would rather sell more books a day, and often I do, but these little encouragements are kicks carrying me forward, forward to bigger things to come.

And never forget…….a smile changes everything!




……..belong to the Young and Restless!

Visiting my bank yesterday a lady came up to Michelle’s desk, the bank clerk who took care of me and said, “Sorry to interrupt, just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.”

While we chit chatted I looked at the lady. She was about sixty, of medium height. She wore a bulky sweater which, even for her not slim silhouette, was much too large, and a pair of jeans with more rips and holes than was flattering for her legs.

I don’t know if she didn’t feel comfortable in her jeans, or if she had noticed me looking at her, but she suddenly said, ” I’m going out to buy some clothes now” and before I could stop myself I said laughingly, “You might need some.”

No, she wasn’t offended, she was a good sport and pointing to her jeans explained, “I just wanted to be a fashionista.”

And getting out my book Getting Over Growing Older I made another sale.

And always remember …a smile changes everything.






I can never resist anything to do with Cowboys or the Wild West. It’s what I love most about this country. And the designer who has captured the look best is Ralph Lauren. Therefore, I never miss to check out one of his stores who carries cowboy boots and fringed leather jackets; the one on Fifth Avenue is now exception.  Walking in I fell in love with a beautifully beige leather jacket with all the bells and whistles – fringes, appliques, hand embroidered, colorful Indian inspired motives – and the leather was as soft and pliable as velvet.

“How much is this please? I asked the young sales attendant who was approaching me. She took it off the rack and bringing it closer she said, “It’s $1,950.”

“That’s a lot of money” I replied “but it’s something one will have for ever.”

“For sure” she answered and looking at me she continued, “and you can even pass it on.” I was confused. Pass it on to whom, or why? Did I really look like I was ready to pass it on? Or was her remark an extra sales pitch? Or was I just too sensitive?

Yes, there is a chapter in my book (chapter 23) where I talk about passing things on – how clearing the air can help you have a better wardrobe, and how the things you don’t wear anymore can be a great help to somebody in need, but why should you think of it when buying something new – after all you will be wearing it for may years to come! Maybe Ralph Lauren should retrain his sales staff?

And never forget – a smile changes everything!






A little more than a week go my new book Getting Over Growing Older was published and I thought it was time to visit a book store and offer it to them. I followed the general advice to start with a book store in your neighborhood. I went to Book Culture on a 112th Street, in New York.

“Excuse me, is your buyer in?” I asked the young, very young man behind the counter. “No, he is out, what’s this about?” I showed him the book, which I knew was a mistake the minute I had taken it out of my bag. He took one look at the title, then at me and with question marks popping out of his eyes he replied, “This is not what we usually carry.”

Taking it back, I asked, “What is the name of your buyer please?” “Theo” he replied.

And hour later I went to see Theo who had returned. Looking the book over he said, “Are you from the neighborhood?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied and then I heard what was like music to my ears, “I’ll take a few copies on consignment.”

Consignment or purchasing -peut importe – even getting one toe in the door of a bookstore is a good beginning and a certainly a step in the right direction.

Thought of the day – It is good to be in love at any age!

And never forget – a smile changes everything




“Look at them they are wearing bedspreads” the man standing in front of me on the escalator said excitedly, while he was pointing to the two young girls in front of us.

FullSizeRender (2)
This could double as a bed spread, but it is a Ralph Lauren Poncho – the latest fashion Copyright BN

“Bedspreads? Really?  Well he was not so wrong some of the outfits could have passed as bedspreads. When we reached the top he stopped me and said in an even louder tone, “Don’t you see those are not dresses to go to a concert in – that’s not what women wore when I was young.” (This was at the  David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York a week ago))

“Well times have changed, it’s not the same anymore” I said while trying to go to my seat, but he followed me and continued, “And the worst is, everyone is in black, and often not wearing any make-up they look like they are already dead!”

Visibly upset he walked away still shaking his head and mumbling to himself. I guessed he was in his late 60s, dressed in a dark suit and tie.

I hoped for him that he would calm down, because if he didn’t and continued to be obsessed by the past – he would allow the past to spoil a beautiful concert.

Change is constant and if we don’t go with we will get irreversibly stuck.

And never forget – a smile changes everything







Summer arrived in New York yesterday with 70 – 75 degrees, and while the first rays of sunshine came out so did the flip-flops. They are everywhere  – on the street, in the theater, on the bus, in the subway – worn by men, women, and children – they are really the one for all, and for every occasion – yet equally unflattering for everyone.

But putting the look aside, I am surprised that nobody is listening to the warnings from doctors, who tell us over and over that they are harmful to our feet, legs and back. The offer no support for the ankles or protection from stubbed toes, and eventually are the cause of backache.

see how red and swollen the feet in flip-flops are
Notice how red and swollen the flip-flop feet are?

Sorry to be so negative about your favorite summer shoes, which you are not ready to give up, I know – and you don’t have to if you wear your flip-flops in places they were designed for – around the pool, the beach, and  stretching it a little in your garden. Otherwise – if you love your feet and don’t want to have swollen feet or an aching back, opt for a pair of espadrilles which come in many forms and shapes.

And never forget – a smile changes everything