Beauty Over 60: Are Pantyhose Out of Style?

Nylons, stockings, hosiery – whatever we called them, pantyhose were essentials of a woman’s wardrobe. However, you might have noticed that with each passing year, the essential pantyhose that we wore with skirts and dresses (even shorts) has dwindled. Bare legs are popular now and pantyhose sales have dropped by more than half in the past decades. Tights, the thicker cousin of pantyhose, are still popular in the colder months, but summertime nylons are seen less and less. Our dependable friend to cover blemishes, bruises, and veins is being phased out.

What about those of us whose gams need a little coverage and support? Are pantyhose a total fashion taboo? Can we still wear them without dating ourselves?

How to wear pantyhose

The best way to wear pantyhose is to not draw attention to them. Here are a few guidelines to go by.

  1. Don’t wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes, or worse, flip-flops. Even sheer-toe pantyhose have the tell-tale seam at the tip of the toes.
  2. Don’t wear “suntan” or very shimmery shades. For example, it’s very obvious if you’re a fair-skinned person and your bronzed legs don’t match your arms.
  3. Glossy, shimmering pantyhose are also attention-grabbing in an undesirable way. Choose a matte color that is closest to your skin tone.
  4. Avoid wearing pantyhose with casual shorts.

Do you still wear pantyhose? What’s your favorite outfit to wear them with? Leave your comments below.


And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!






15 thoughts on “Beauty Over 60: Are Pantyhose Out of Style?

  1. In the past 15 years, I’ve only worn tights – hate the word pantyhose – twice! Luckily living in the south of France I have tanned legs pretty much all year round.


  2. Not long ago, I quizzed my Facebook friends about this subject and learned that most of them gave up pantyhose years ago. I still wear them with skirts; I think my legs look better with them. But I don’t wear skirts very often.


      1. For women great idea but being a straight male hosiery wearer for fashion only and no not a CD just like the feel, look , support being on my feet all day. and warmth on cooler days.


      2. I wear myself being a straight male not CD I enjoy the fashion of it all. I wear daily just as fashion only plus the benefits of wearing. Being on my feet all day find the support helps with leg fatigue.


  3. While I am aware that pantyhose have fallen by the fashion wayside, being over sixty and still in the workplace—a conservative one, at that, I find that any time I wear a skirt, panty hose are a must.


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