Quote Of The Day – Love Has No Age!

Love has never been a question of age . I shall never be so old as to forget what love is.                                                                                                                                Colette

This is true for me and I hope it is true for you too!!!!

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything!



alone but not lonely - Brigitte Nioche

When I first lost my husband it was a difficult time. I felt lonely. I felt left behind. Daily life was not fun anymore and the worst thing was to go to a restaurant. Sitting alone and seeing mostly couples around me made me wonder if the world really moves in sets of twos?

But with the passing years things changed. Now when I sit in a restaurant and look closer at couples – older and younger – who I envied before  – I see something else.  Some look like they wished they were somewhere else. Some don’t say a word to each other all through their meal. Some are on their cell phones, and sometimes both are. But if only one is busy on the phone their partner looks increasingly displeased.

Observing this I feel relieved and grateful that I can just enjoy my glass of wine, and  going even step further I remember my blessings:

  • I don’t have to cook everyday
  • I can come home late or later – or not at all
  • I can buy that expensive handbag without having to justify my purchase
  • I can stay up as late as I want
  • I don’t have to wash socks
  • I can travel anywhere I feel like going
  • I am free to do what I want- when I want

These are just a few of my reason, but I am sure every single woman reading this and enjoying her freedom has her own list. Would it be too much to ask to share it with us? Grateful if you could leave a comment!

And never forget – A Smile changes everything!



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Before arriving at my place for dinner, my friend Jasmine went to the liquor store across the street from where I live to buy a bottle of wine.

At the cash register the man asked for $15.07 – an odd amount I know but New York tax can do that. She put $20 on the counter and picking it up he said,

“Do you have 7 cents?”

“No, I am sorry I don’t” my friend answered

“That’s strange” he replied looking at her

“Why is that?” she inquired

“Because old ladies always have pennies”

Jasmine gasped and after restraining herself from slapping him, she said,

“Don’t YOU  worry – one day you will be old too! And you are not far away from it.” (she guessed he was about 50.)

Believe me we really needed that bottle of wine to drown and forget his disrespectful  words.

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything





“When I am not here anymore you will miss me,” my mother said to me one day.

She had been particularly difficult that day and did not agree. But today, years after her death I know she was right.

Every year when I first realize that Mother’s Day is coming, my reaction is what has that got to do with me? I don’t have a mother and I feel sad and deprived.

Mothers are not always easy to deal with. When we become adults we often reject their advice. We don’t want them to tell us what to do. We don’t want to learn from their experience. We don’t want to hear about their life. We want to be our own person and sometimes I even went as far as saying:

“But that’s none of your business, it is my life!”  Yes, it is my life, but would I be here without her?

When the umbilical cord is cut it only separates our bodies, because for a mother the connection to her child is never gone. The feeling to protect, to love, to nurture is never severed. It is sad, therefore, that only when our mother has left us do we see the complete picture. But maybe that is natural too, because from the day we are born our mother is a given. We don’t know a world without her. We take her love, her care, her admiration, support and above all her presence for granted.  – DON’T – The day will come you wished you had another chance to tell her that you appreciate her love and affection.

Sunday it is Mother’s Day again. No, I don’t have to buy a card or a present. I don’t have to pick my mother up for lunch, but I will remember what she said every year on this day: “I am so lucky, I have Mother’s Day all year-long – I have the best daughter one can hope for.”

MAMI —  wherever you are now maybe you can hear me -“I miss you — not only on Mother’s Day – but all year-long!”

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! sunflower Avignon




Good Morning Everyone

Hopefully the sun shines as brightly where you are as it does in New York today.

I went to the movies last night and want to share the experience with everybody who feels lonely sometimes or can’t find a purpose in  life.

The Meddler with Susan Saradon approaches – and solves  –  challenges we face when we lose a loved one, are retired, or the kids have moved on. It is humorous, yet serious in solving the challenges faced with. But above all it is inspiring! It gives hope!

And walking home – no I don’t want to give away the ending – I wished that every lonely woman will find her chicken coop.

Never forget – A  smile changes everything



A little more than a week go my new book Getting Over Growing Older was published and I thought it was time to visit a book store and offer it to them. I followed the general advice to start with a book store in your neighborhood. I went to Book Culture on a 112th Street, in New York.

“Excuse me, is your buyer in?” I asked the young, very young man behind the counter. “No, he is out, what’s this about?” I showed him the book, which I knew was a mistake the minute I had taken it out of my bag. He took one look at the title, then at me and with question marks popping out of his eyes he replied, “This is not what we usually carry.”

Taking it back, I asked, “What is the name of your buyer please?” “Theo” he replied.

And hour later I went to see Theo who had returned. Looking the book over he said, “Are you from the neighborhood?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied and then I heard what was like music to my ears, “I’ll take a few copies on consignment.”

Consignment or purchasing -peut importe – even getting one toe in the door of a bookstore is a good beginning and a certainly a step in the right direction.

Thought of the day – It is good to be in love at any age!

And never forget – a smile changes everything