I can never resist anything to do with Cowboys or the Wild West. It’s what I love most about this country. And the designer who has captured the look best is Ralph Lauren. Therefore, I never miss to check out one of his stores who carries cowboy boots and fringed leather jackets; the one on Fifth Avenue is now exception.  Walking in I fell in love with a beautifully beige leather jacket with all the bells and whistles – fringes, appliques, hand embroidered, colorful Indian inspired motives – and the leather was as soft and pliable as velvet.

“How much is this please? I asked the young sales attendant who was approaching me. She took it off the rack and bringing it closer she said, “It’s $1,950.”

“That’s a lot of money” I replied “but it’s something one will have for ever.”

“For sure” she answered and looking at me she continued, “and you can even pass it on.” I was confused. Pass it on to whom, or why? Did I really look like I was ready to pass it on? Or was her remark an extra sales pitch? Or was I just too sensitive?

Yes, there is a chapter in my book (chapter 23) where I talk about passing things on – how clearing the air can help you have a better wardrobe, and how the things you don’t wear anymore can be a great help to somebody in need, but why should you think of it when buying something new – after all you will be wearing it for may years to come! Maybe Ralph Lauren should retrain his sales staff?

And never forget – a smile changes everything!





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