Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Oh, I know what a cliché this is –  but clichés do remind us of what we so easily forget – so here goes…….

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We do not lose enthusiasm because we are getting older. We begin to age through loss of enthusiasm. One can be a victim of age or its master. Psychiatrist Eric Berne, author of Games People Play, put it this way: “A healthy person goes, ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and Whoopee!’ An unhealthy person goes, ‘Yes but,’ ‘No but,’ and ‘No whoopee.'”

Because the word whoopee, or wow as we say today, is the most important of the three, you must never lose your curiosity, your ability to be surprised, your wish to learn our desire to be a part of what goes on around you, and your capacity to recognize when something deserves a wow!

Recognizing that something is wow! will stop you from feeling old. It will stop you from thinking that something is not for you anymore – because it is. Staying in touch with current events through television, newspapers, theater, lectures, and movies (just to name a few) keeps you aware of the world you live in.

Stay current to Stay Young

Unfortunately, nobody comes knocking at our door pulling us out of our comfortable recliner or sofa to take us to the movies. But movies are an exciting, easy way to stay in touch. I say easy because it is an activity easily done alone.

“What, you go alone to the movies?” some of my friends ask

“Yes, why not? We don’t talk anyway, do we?”

It might help that I am a movie buff, but having said that, I also go the movies to see what it going on in the world. Movies reflect the time we live in; they always have. Often a movie is not my taste, but I feel that I must find out why it is so popular that it takes in over $100,000 in ticket sales during the first weekend.

Even if I don’t like the movie, once I’ve seen it, at least I know where the world is coming from.

(excerpt from my book – Living Longer Living Well)

Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything!


39 Forever!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if getting older stopped at age 39? For some it does and they stay happily 39!

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A review I received from a reader of my book confirms this, and I would like to share it with you and thank Jane for writing the review, quote:

Getting Over Growing Older

Author, Ms. Brigitte Nioche

A review 

I had the recent pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Brigitte Nioche at an event, along with the after perk of reading my own signed copy of Getting Over Growing Older.

Honestly, I entered the manuscript with a neutral attitude. Like others, I do not necessarily savor the prospect of aging, and have pretty much promoted the “39 forever thing “ for the past five years.

(People think I’m joking, but I’m really not.)

But that’s okay, because in Getting Over Growing Older, Ms. Nioche stays positive, focused, sophisticated, and light through her entertaining and, at times, somewhat poignant account of the inevitable march of time. I can imagine Ms. Nioche setting up a dynamic Manhattan lifestyle, balancing the needs of her family with her own professional development, a comforting model at any age.

Plus , Ms. Nioche offers certain pieces of sage, everlasting beauty advice with the power and authority of a former model and fashion consultant -to look your best, whatever is your style and to thine own self be true. In the end, it’s all about balance, as inferred in Getting Over Growing Older. I appreciate Ms. Nioche taking the time to grapple with this increasingly important topic.

4.5 stars

Respectfully reviewed by

Jane – Summit, N. J. 


And Never Forget- A Smile Changes Everything!

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……will eventually get you there.

As an Indie author I have a rule – I must to sell a book a day – to whom? Anybody who will buy. I recently got a note from our doorman who had bought a book for his mother. He sent me the following message – Thank you so much for the book! My mother is enjoying it a lot since it fits her personality! Wish you great success!

Of course I would rather sell more books a day, and often I do, but these little encouragements are kicks carrying me forward, forward to bigger things to come.

And never forget…….a smile changes everything!