Summer arrived in New York yesterday with 70 – 75 degrees, and while the first rays of sunshine came out so did the flip-flops. They are everywhere  – on the street, in the theater, on the bus, in the subway – worn by men, women, and children – they are really the one for all, and for every occasion – yet equally unflattering for everyone.

But putting the look aside, I am surprised that nobody is listening to the warnings from doctors, who tell us over and over that they are harmful to our feet, legs and back. The offer no support for the ankles or protection from stubbed toes, and eventually are the cause of backache.

see how red and swollen the feet in flip-flops are
Notice how red and swollen the flip-flop feet are?

Sorry to be so negative about your favorite summer shoes, which you are not ready to give up, I know – and you don’t have to if you wear your flip-flops in places they were designed for – around the pool, the beach, and  stretching it a little in your garden. Otherwise – if you love your feet and don’t want to have swollen feet or an aching back, opt for a pair of espadrilles which come in many forms and shapes.

And never forget – a smile changes everything



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