“Look at them they are wearing bedspreads” the man standing in front of me on the escalator said excitedly, while he was pointing to the two young girls in front of us.

FullSizeRender (2)
This could double as a bed spread, but it is a Ralph Lauren Poncho – the latest fashion Copyright BN

“Bedspreads? Really?  Well he was not so wrong some of the outfits could have passed as bedspreads. When we reached the top he stopped me and said in an even louder tone, “Don’t you see those are not dresses to go to a concert in – that’s not what women wore when I was young.” (This was at the  David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York a week ago))

“Well times have changed, it’s not the same anymore” I said while trying to go to my seat, but he followed me and continued, “And the worst is, everyone is in black, and often not wearing any make-up they look like they are already dead!”

Visibly upset he walked away still shaking his head and mumbling to himself. I guessed he was in his late 60s, dressed in a dark suit and tie.

I hoped for him that he would calm down, because if he didn’t and continued to be obsessed by the past – he would allow the past to spoil a beautiful concert.

Change is constant and if we don’t go with we will get irreversibly stuck.

And never forget – a smile changes everything






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