About Me

Maybe the title of my blog is confusing – you might ask ‘who does not want to live longer? We all do, but since the life expectancy is now 85, 90 and more it is not just about living longer,  but the big question is HOW? What will we do with all that extra time? It is like another life. Is it  for that reason that the French call it ‘le troisieme age’ (the third age)? An unexpected challenge for the baby boomers and even more  for those born before.

Nobody told us that we might have 15 or 20 or more years in front of us, without our  work, without caring for our  children because they  are all grown up and have their own life, and often our spouse has left us too early  – so how can we cope? A question I had to ask myself too because I am part of the ‘third age.’ And then one day somebody gave me the answer.

During a holiday I met Susan. A much younger woman than I, and while we were sitting next to the pool of the  hotel she talked about her life and her fear of getting older (often it is easier to talk to strangers about personal things than to friends or family). She suddenly asked me  ‘but how come that at your age you are so positive?’

Her question had not only opened the door for self examination, but I realized that my positive attitude was the secret of not ever thinking of my age! It also made me write my book Getting Over Growing Older  which I hope shows the reader how indeed being positive can change your life – it keeps your glass full instead of half empty!

But having said this I know that not everybody is going to read my book. So I decided to write a blog – to share some of my experiences, and solutions of coping with the coming ???? years!

But for you to get to know me a little better, I  want to leave you with some information about me – I was born in Germany, grew up in Sydney Australia, and moved to the United States with my husband after getting married in Paris. And before becoming a mother I worked as a model in New York City. After the birth of my son I opened design studio in New York City which I closed a few years ago, the beginning of my ‘third age.’

I hope you will enjoy my blogs and if you want to be notified of new blogs, please leave your email address – I won’t post too often – I know there is too much to read and follow out there, but maybe from time to time I can have your attention – comments are also welcomed.

I appreciate your time  reading this