NOBLESSE OBLIGE -Stepping out of the Box

I stepped out of the box when I took my friend Sue’s advice during a book signing in London.

“Why don’t you send a copy of your book to the Queen?” she asked. (Yes,  she meant Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth)

Once back in New York I followed her suggestion, and after finding out how to address the Queen and confirmed her address to be  just Buckingham Palace, London,I did just that.

Not knowing what to expect, if anything at all, I was very surprised when I received an envelope with the postmark from Buckingham Palace only 3 weeks after mailing my package.  WOW! I couldn’t wait to open it! queens-letter

Of course, it was not her Majesty herself who wrote, but this very kind letter was sent by one of her staff members, mentioning the book.

Besides the letter, there was a card with her Majesty’s Photo on her ninetieth birthday.queen-pictureIn our fast-moving world where it is rare that we get an answer to our communications, may it be a letter, an email, a request for information, a resume, and often even a gift, receiving this letter really confirmed that indeed NOBLESSE OBLIGE!

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes everything! –  Her Majesty’s Smile has certainly changed the world for many years.



Happy Thanksgiving

Before stuffing, baking, and eating my turkey I just want to say –  the end of another year is near, and Thanksgiving is the day to remind us to be grateful for the blessings in our life, big and small.

And if there are more small blessings in your life than big ones,  just remember – it is the little things that make the difference!

Have a Happy Day

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!funny-thanksgiving-images-e1478468298174





Living Longer, Living Well


When you speak about yourself, I am sure you always say, “In my life.” But do you really have only one life? I don’t think so. Looking back, I see that I went through many different phases, which all had a distinct beginning and end like chapters in a book.

This phase of your life is a new chapter. Will it be happy one filled with challenges, new experienced, joy, and laughter?

That depends on you. You are the author of this new chapter in your life, and you will write the story’s happy ending. Yes, there will be difficulties, and you will have to deal with them, but the story will be happier and easier to write if you stay optimistic, positive, and refuse to let old age creep in between the lines.

The only thing constant is change. How you deal with change determines your future — and if you never give up, the future will be brighter.


And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!

2016-01-27 12.40.02 (5)Brigitte

39 Forever!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if getting older stopped at age 39? For some it does and they stay happily 39!

Image result for 39 forever birthday

A review I received from a reader of my book confirms this, and I would like to share it with you and thank Jane for writing the review, quote:

Getting Over Growing Older

Author, Ms. Brigitte Nioche

A review 

I had the recent pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Brigitte Nioche at an event, along with the after perk of reading my own signed copy of Getting Over Growing Older.

Honestly, I entered the manuscript with a neutral attitude. Like others, I do not necessarily savor the prospect of aging, and have pretty much promoted the “39 forever thing “ for the past five years.

(People think I’m joking, but I’m really not.)

But that’s okay, because in Getting Over Growing Older, Ms. Nioche stays positive, focused, sophisticated, and light through her entertaining and, at times, somewhat poignant account of the inevitable march of time. I can imagine Ms. Nioche setting up a dynamic Manhattan lifestyle, balancing the needs of her family with her own professional development, a comforting model at any age.

Plus , Ms. Nioche offers certain pieces of sage, everlasting beauty advice with the power and authority of a former model and fashion consultant -to look your best, whatever is your style and to thine own self be true. In the end, it’s all about balance, as inferred in Getting Over Growing Older. I appreciate Ms. Nioche taking the time to grapple with this increasingly important topic.

4.5 stars

Respectfully reviewed by

Jane – Summit, N. J. 


And Never Forget- A Smile Changes Everything!

2016-01-27 12.40.02 (5)Brigitte



ALEXA – Have you met her?

If you haven’t met Alexa don’t feel bad. Until a few days ago I didn’t know her either. I met her while visiting my friend Helen. We were enjoying a glass of fine when Helen suddenly called out,

“Alexa when do we have to leave for the movies?”

Confused I looked around to see who she was talking to, because I was under the impression we were alone, “Who are you talking to?”

“Oh, that’s  Alexa, our Echo Speaker.” Helen answered.

“Echo Speaker?” What is that?”

Helen told me all about it and while she demonstrated it I felt I had been transferred to another planet. But no, I was right here on earth, and  listening and looking in awe at the black cylinder on the table, I found out that by using nothing but your voice Alexa can help with tasks like:echo-fullres-1784-1-630-jpg-alexa

  • shop on-line
  • create a to-do or shopping lists
  • search the web
  • dim or turn on the light
  • get the weather report and so on and so on……..

These are just a few things Alexa can do. There is so much more; too much to tell you about here – besides I doubt that my explanation could do justice to this little miracle. But if you go on Amazon (yes, where else do we buy anything today?) you can find out all about it, and it might just tempt you to have Alexa as a friend too!

What about me? Did she become my friend? No! Yet, I do admit it’s a really cool idea and she could help me do many things, but this is where I have a problem. Being  at an age when it is important to keep active and move, a device that will stop me from doing things myself is not what I need. So I will wait a few years!


By the way Alexa was named after the ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt –  a tall order to follow indeed., but she seems to manage well.libraryofalexandria


And never forger – A Smile Changes Everything!


Men Too Can Get Over Growing Older

The 80-Year-Old Runway Model Reshaping China’s Views on Aging

Wang Deshun, who turned 80 this fall, at China Fashion Week in Beijing last year. Credit Quan Yajun

BEIJING — Before cranking up the techno at his 80th birthday party, the man known as China’s hottest grandpa paused from his D.J. duties to poke fun at the staid traditional celebrations for the elderly in a country that venerates old age.

“I should wear a long robe, with the word ‘longevity’ embroidered on the front,” the birthday boy, Wang Deshun, said at his party in September. Far from looking old and frail, the silver-haired actor, model and artist wore a crisp white shirt and black jeans, his back straight and his eyes glittering with humor.

“Two young maidens should help me into an old-style wooden chair,” he continued, pretending to dodder. “On a table in front of me there should be peaches,” a symbol of longevity, “and my students should kowtow, wishing me a good birthday.”

“So, what am I doing today? My students from 30 years ago are putting on a fashion show, and I’m the D.J.,” he said, signaling the start of the show with a thudding techno mix.

Determined to avoid mental and physical stagnation, Mr. Wang has constantly explored new skills and ideas while devoting ample time to daily exercise. Last year, at 79, he walked the runway for the first time, his physique at his age causing a national sensation. He takes obvious joy in subverting


A role model for all mankind!

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything



Not Ready To Be Old Yet?

Today I want to share with you a short excerpt from my book Getting Over Growing Older.

When I was young, I never thought that one day I would not be young anymore. I was not listening when my grandmother said, “The only good thing about getting old is that it happens to everybody.”

Many years later, I am still not listening. I don’t feel old because I don’t think I’m old. If you ask me when I will be ready to be old, my answer is —never!

Newscom TagID: cncartoons031423/Photo via Newscom

This is not the way to go.

When I asked my friend Diana why she had joined a certain organization, she said, “I feel good going there; it makes me feel younger because everybody there is older than I.”

This is not the way to go. In your group of friends, you need to have some young people. I am happy to say that I have friends who are half my age. Their friendship brings a new dimension to my world. When they tell me about their work or the man they just met, or we talk about the latest fashion trends, it is rejuvenating………………………..

….remember your thoughts define your life


And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!