A New Year – A New Beginning – Or More Of The Same?

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is facing us. But before we get there New Year’s resolutions have to be made.

Oh, I know all about them – about keeping them and not keeping them, and eventually forgetting them.  How does the saying go ‘the way to hell is paved with good intentions’ meaning; the intention to engage in good acts often fails. It points up the principle that there is no merit in good intentions unless they are acted on.

Therefore, not setting us up to go to hell and to avoid being disappointed about not sticking to our New Year’s resolutions – maybe we shouldn’t make any? But if you can’t get out of the habit, settle for just a few. A few simple ones like skipping a dessert here and there, or calling your mother more often, or not looking at your iPhone every 5 minutes  – things that don’t need a major effort, because the truth is, if we get too ambitious our good intentions will become disappointments.

So keep your list of New Year’s resolutions short and easy, and start the New Year with cheers, a firework, and love. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything


Greeting the New Year with fireworks over Central Park in New York

Greeting the New Year with fireworks over Central Park in New York

Sing, Dance and be Healthy —

Thank you to the Sydney Morning Herald for sharing such a heart warming story about Perth seniors. Willagee Community Centre came to life last month as patrons arrived to take part in a seniors entertainment day. Singing and dancing was all part of the day along with maintaining health, well being and the opportunity to […]

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Living Longer, Living Well

How to Embrace the Challenges of a Long Lifeliving-longer-living-well-front-cover


Yes, we all want to live longer, but we all agree – only if I can do it my way!

To do it my  way I have learned that there is nothing more important than staying positive and to look at the challenges coming my way as a new beginning, a way to stay connected to the world around me – in Living Longer, Living Well I share my experiences and I hope it will be an inspiring read for you. Thank you!

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything?

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