Flowers are the Smile of Nature

How true! And don’t we all need smiles in our life? I saw this written on a sign in a beautiful garden in Germany – it’s worth sharing and sending you some of the natures smiles as well.















Hope your 4th of JULY weekend if full of smiles and flowers




happiness flowers

Sharing a few friendly words with another person, even a stranger in a supermarket or a train station, or when the situation allows, is easy. All you have to do is smile, ask a  question, and start the conversation.

This is what I did last Saturday. I walked up to the flower display at Loews, where a lady was looking at the flowers too.

“Aren’t they pretty?” I asked her

“Yes, but then you never know how long they will last, how fresh they are, and if you like them when you get them home.”

This is a DON’T.

Watching her walk away without flowers I was wondering how somebody can have so many excuses for not wanting a splash of cheerfulness in their life. (No, she didn’t look like she couldn’t afford to buy flowers.  She was very well dressed and groomed). And it was not the flowers fault either, they looked very fresh.  It was her negative attitude that prevented her from taking home a pretty bunch of flowers which would have added a ray of sunshine to her day.

Andrew Weil M.D.  who often appeared on Channel 13 giving advice on how to make us feel better, always mentioned that flowers should be part of our life, because, besides their beauty, they give us energy –


…but you have to buy the flowers first!


If YOU have experienced any negative or positive behavior it would be wonderful if you shared it with us. It will remind us how to embrace the positive in life, and how important it is to get rid of anything negative.

Thank you for participating in this quest.


And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything



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“When I am not here anymore you will miss me,” my mother said to me one day.

She had been particularly difficult that day and did not agree. But today, years after her death I know she was right.

Every year when I first realize that Mother’s Day is coming, my reaction is what has that got to do with me? I don’t have a mother and I feel sad and deprived.

Mothers are not always easy to deal with. When we become adults we often reject their advice. We don’t want them to tell us what to do. We don’t want to learn from their experience. We don’t want to hear about their life. We want to be our own person and sometimes I even went as far as saying:

“But that’s none of your business, it is my life!”  Yes, it is my life, but would I be here without her?

When the umbilical cord is cut it only separates our bodies, because for a mother the connection to her child is never gone. The feeling to protect, to love, to nurture is never severed. It is sad, therefore, that only when our mother has left us do we see the complete picture. But maybe that is natural too, because from the day we are born our mother is a given. We don’t know a world without her. We take her love, her care, her admiration, support and above all her presence for granted.  – DON’T – The day will come you wished you had another chance to tell her that you appreciate her love and affection.

Sunday it is Mother’s Day again. No, I don’t have to buy a card or a present. I don’t have to pick my mother up for lunch, but I will remember what she said every year on this day: “I am so lucky, I have Mother’s Day all year-long – I have the best daughter one can hope for.”

MAMI —  wherever you are now maybe you can hear me -“I miss you — not only on Mother’s Day – but all year-long!”

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! sunflower Avignon




“You know Terry  is  a beautiful person on the inside” Sally said after her friend Terry had left. I wondered why she was telling me? Maybe Sally was embarrassed how her friend looked? Because the time we spend together did not give me a chance to find out about Terry’s beautiful mind, and her appearance didn’t give a hint.

In our fast-moving, short attention span world we can not hope that others will really see us for who we are. There is not enough time, but if we use the old, we can even say ancient, and proven tool called first impression we can point to the person inside.

With a little attention and effort Terry would not have needed her friend to tell me what a nice person she really is. No, I don’t mean that looks are everything. Or that good looks always go hand in hand with how beautiful a person is on the inside. But when you have a beautiful mind let it shine through by making the outside match your inside  — make an effort – make a good first impression.


And never forget – a smile changes everything