“You know Terry  is  a beautiful person on the inside” Sally said after her friend Terry had left. I wondered why she was telling me? Maybe Sally was embarrassed how her friend looked? Because the time we spend together did not give me a chance to find out about Terry’s beautiful mind, and her appearance didn’t give a hint.

In our fast-moving, short attention span world we can not hope that others will really see us for who we are. There is not enough time, but if we use the old, we can even say ancient, and proven tool called first impression we can point to the person inside.

With a little attention and effort Terry would not have needed her friend to tell me what a nice person she really is. No, I don’t mean that looks are everything. Or that good looks always go hand in hand with how beautiful a person is on the inside. But when you have a beautiful mind let it shine through by making the outside match your inside  — make an effort – make a good first impression.


And never forget – a smile changes everything