……..belong to the Young and Restless!

Visiting my bank yesterday a lady came up to Michelle’s desk, the bank clerk who took care of me and said, “Sorry to interrupt, just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.”

While we chit chatted I looked at the lady. She was about sixty, of medium height. She wore a bulky sweater which, even for her not slim silhouette, was much too large, and a pair of jeans with more rips and holes than was flattering for her legs.

I don’t know if she didn’t feel comfortable in her jeans, or if she had noticed me looking at her, but she suddenly said, ” I’m going out to buy some clothes now” and before I could stop myself I said laughingly, “You might need some.”

No, she wasn’t offended, she was a good sport and pointing to her jeans explained, “I just wanted to be a fashionista.”

And getting out my book Getting Over Growing Older I made another sale.

And always remember …a smile changes everything.






I can never resist anything to do with Cowboys or the Wild West. It’s what I love most about this country. And the designer who has captured the look best is Ralph Lauren. Therefore, I never miss to check out one of his stores who carries cowboy boots and fringed leather jackets; the one on Fifth Avenue is now exception.  Walking in I fell in love with a beautifully beige leather jacket with all the bells and whistles – fringes, appliques, hand embroidered, colorful Indian inspired motives – and the leather was as soft and pliable as velvet.

“How much is this please? I asked the young sales attendant who was approaching me. She took it off the rack and bringing it closer she said, “It’s $1,950.”

“That’s a lot of money” I replied “but it’s something one will have for ever.”

“For sure” she answered and looking at me she continued, “and you can even pass it on.” I was confused. Pass it on to whom, or why? Did I really look like I was ready to pass it on? Or was her remark an extra sales pitch? Or was I just too sensitive?

Yes, there is a chapter in my book (chapter 23) where I talk about passing things on – how clearing the air can help you have a better wardrobe, and how the things you don’t wear anymore can be a great help to somebody in need, but why should you think of it when buying something new – after all you will be wearing it for may years to come! Maybe Ralph Lauren should retrain his sales staff?

And never forget – a smile changes everything!






A little more than a week go my new book Getting Over Growing Older was published and I thought it was time to visit a book store and offer it to them. I followed the general advice to start with a book store in your neighborhood. I went to Book Culture on a 112th Street, in New York.

“Excuse me, is your buyer in?” I asked the young, very young man behind the counter. “No, he is out, what’s this about?” I showed him the book, which I knew was a mistake the minute I had taken it out of my bag. He took one look at the title, then at me and with question marks popping out of his eyes he replied, “This is not what we usually carry.”

Taking it back, I asked, “What is the name of your buyer please?” “Theo” he replied.

And hour later I went to see Theo who had returned. Looking the book over he said, “Are you from the neighborhood?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied and then I heard what was like music to my ears, “I’ll take a few copies on consignment.”

Consignment or purchasing -peut importe – even getting one toe in the door of a bookstore is a good beginning and a certainly a step in the right direction.

Thought of the day – It is good to be in love at any age!

And never forget – a smile changes everything




Summer arrived in New York yesterday with 70 – 75 degrees, and while the first rays of sunshine came out so did the flip-flops. They are everywhere  – on the street, in the theater, on the bus, in the subway – worn by men, women, and children – they are really the one for all, and for every occasion – yet equally unflattering for everyone.

But putting the look aside, I am surprised that nobody is listening to the warnings from doctors, who tell us over and over that they are harmful to our feet, legs and back. The offer no support for the ankles or protection from stubbed toes, and eventually are the cause of backache.

see how red and swollen the feet in flip-flops are
Notice how red and swollen the flip-flop feet are?

Sorry to be so negative about your favorite summer shoes, which you are not ready to give up, I know – and you don’t have to if you wear your flip-flops in places they were designed for – around the pool, the beach, and  stretching it a little in your garden. Otherwise – if you love your feet and don’t want to have swollen feet or an aching back, opt for a pair of espadrilles which come in many forms and shapes.

And never forget – a smile changes everything