Living Longer, Living Well


When you speak about yourself, I am sure you always say, “In my life.” But do you really have only one life? I don’t think so. Looking back, I see that I went through many different phases, which all had a distinct beginning and end like chapters in a book.

This phase of your life is a new chapter. Will it be happy one filled with challenges, new experienced, joy, and laughter?

That depends on you. You are the author of this new chapter in your life, and you will write the story’s happy ending. Yes, there will be difficulties, and you will have to deal with them, but the story will be happier and easier to write if you stay optimistic, positive, and refuse to let old age creep in between the lines.

The only thing constant is change. How you deal with change determines your future — and if you never give up, the future will be brighter.


And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!

2016-01-27 12.40.02 (5)Brigitte

3 thoughts on “Living Longer, Living Well

  1. I definitely believe this to be true to write the chapter of your life. I try to keep a journal but sometimes I write for a week then I don’t then I continue then I don’t. The intention time is scarce. Sometimes I feel like I am running out of time. I am running out of time. Any advice on how to live in the moment?


    1. Yes, we do write our own story, but it isn’t always easy. The first thing we have to do is to think about what we want -then decide how to get it – and it all starts by being in the moment, and to answer your question start by really paying attention to what you are doing – say it out loud – e.g. ‘now I am taking a shower’ and feel it, don’t think about what you will do later- if you do this for while being in the moment won’t be difficult – another thing that helps is to meditate – start with sitting still for 5 minutes and be quite — good luck and your chapter will be a joyful one


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