NOBLESSE OBLIGE -Stepping out of the Box

I stepped out of the box when I took my friend Sue’s advice during a book signing in London.

“Why don’t you send a copy of your book to the Queen?” she asked. (Yes,  she meant Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth)

Once back in New York I followed her suggestion, and after finding out how to address the Queen and confirmed her address to be  just Buckingham Palace, London,I did just that.

Not knowing what to expect, if anything at all, I was very surprised when I received an envelope with the postmark from Buckingham Palace only 3 weeks after mailing my package.  WOW! I couldn’t wait to open it! queens-letter

Of course, it was not her Majesty herself who wrote, but this very kind letter was sent by one of her staff members, mentioning the book.

Besides the letter, there was a card with her Majesty’s Photo on her ninetieth birthday.queen-pictureIn our fast-moving world where it is rare that we get an answer to our communications, may it be a letter, an email, a request for information, a resume, and often even a gift, receiving this letter really confirmed that indeed NOBLESSE OBLIGE!

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes everything! –  Her Majesty’s Smile has certainly changed the world for many years.




Including vacations —  including mine to  England and Italy. No, I didn’t send you a postcard but I brought one back to show you how beautiful the Trevi Fountain has been restored.

IMG_8141 (3)

However, I did not start my vacation in Rome. I first visited London, where in a quaint country pub (pubs equal England for me) called The Bell  in Purleigh, Essex a friend of mine who lives in London had organized a book signing party. The building dates back to the 14th century and is believed to have been the home of George Washington’s great-grandfather, who was the rector of the village in 1634.

A perfect setting  – and while enjoying cones with cream and strawberries plus a good cup of tea,  listening to a chapter from the book made it a delightful afternoon. The ladies shared their feelings about growing older and answered a questionnaire about what is on their Bucket List (which I will tell you about in my next blog).



Getting over growing older 03 (1)


And when after a few hours everyone went home with a signed copy under their arm, I felt that the book had made a big step forward by coming to England.IMG_7811



And never forget – a smile changes everything.