The Language of Jewelry

bijoux-first-batch-016Jewelry has its own language. A language all women speak and even when we get older it still whispers to us do not to forget to put on your earrings, or that special necklace!

Long ago, when women protected their bodies with hides against the elements, jewelry was made from bones, shells, feathers, and berries, or pebbles. And since those prehistoric times no woman has ever been without wearing jewelry. So what attract us to these objects? And what can it do for us:


  • it adds glamour to an otherwise conservative wardrobe
  • it accentuate sensuality
  • it makes a woman look prettier
  • it can change a day time look to evening glamour
  • it makes a statement about a woman’s personality
  • it can be a token of love from that special man in your life
  • it can be an heirloom representing your families heritagebijoux-march-2-018

But to fulfill all this and realizing that jewelry is a very personal and individual accessory, it has to be chosen with great care. Just because a ring is beautiful doesn’t mean it will suit your hand. Likewise don’t let the beautiful workmanship of a pendant influence you. It might be too large or intricate for your personality. Every piece of jewelry must be judged and considered on the person wearing it – which translates to – you must try it on! It might look great laying on the counter of a store, but not that great once on your neck. (have you ever wondered why a lot of jewelry received as a gift is never worn?)

And when you get dressed in the morning the same applies. You might have to try on several of your necklaces to see which one really goes with the blouse you are wearing. I can say from my experience that it takes me often longer to find the right piece of jewelry than it took me to get dressed.

Think of jewelry as the finishing touch to your personality, your outfit, confirming your love of fashion and life.bijoux-march-2-052

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!