A Personal Shopper Living in Your Wardrobe

There are apps to help us walk, eat, play, shop – and they even talk to us, like Alexa. If you are in doubt about the weather, a place, or whatever else you might like to know, she can help you out. It is a  like a live-in help.

Now she is joined by Amazon’s Echo Look with a Style Check feature. You will never have to be in doubt again what to wear when, and you will be sure to look good – but let me get out-of-the-way – read the article below that appeared in  Town & Country ‘s March issue.

Personally I like the challenge of putting myself together, but then I don’t belong to the millenniums who have jobs and children and very little time for  themselves. This could be their answer to Dress to  Impress!

And Never Forget  – A Smile Changes Everything!


4 thoughts on “A Personal Shopper Living in Your Wardrobe

  1. OMG! I’m so old-school Brigitte. We haven’t gotten into Alexa or Echo yet, but most of our family and friends have. What will they think of next. I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea for those too busy to take time to research styles and probably a stress reliever for those who have no sense of style. For me, I’m still lean toward the September Issue of Vogue to look at styles, and, the magazine doesn’t talk back. All the best, Jody


    1. Hi Jody – for the right people these devises are probably a great help – but I am still happy to be able to do most of those things myself – feel and touch and see and do!
      Be well Brigitte


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